Moderating and Reporting.

A more thoughtful approach to moderating.


A relaxed supportive atmosphere that encourages people to open up.


Getting beneath the surface to elicit true feeling and beliefs.


Engaging respondents in a way that sparks new insights and ideas.

“I said things I never even knew I knew.”

Ellaine J.


“I don’t know how David does it, but people just open up to him.”

Deepthi P.

Head of Research

“All these ideas were flying around. It was a great time.”

Frank C.


Better moderating. Better reporting.

We’re experts at unique, idea-driven reports in both traditional and video formats. Below are groups we’ve moderated and translated into engaging video stories that get noticed and shared.

Consumer Exploratory


Conde Nast

Liz Claiborne

HealthCare Exploratory




Ideation and Brainstorming.

In this unique and comprehensive video report, David Intrator conducts a series of insight sessions to explore a possible new positioning for Sustagrain, the barley product from Ardent Mills.

Traditional Reporting.

Along with our unique video reports, we also provide substantive traditional reports that tell a story.



Dynamic Reporting.

Video and graphic techniques can bring add dynamism and interest to a traditional report, including quantitative reports.

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