Story Discovery.

A storytelling approach to market research.

Your market research project is most valuable when it delivers a coherent story. This affects not only the hypotheses and discussion guides we help develop but also the way we moderate. And our creative experience helps us identify insights and language that may in themselves lead to effective storytelling when your strategy is ultimately executed. The result: well-crafted, story-based research reports that are more influential among all stakeholders  and that lead to more powerful marketing communication down the line.

Case Study:  Kraft

The Task: Uncover insights about stay-at-home moms and snacks.

The Insight:  Stay-at-home moms have conflicted feelings about their kids.

The Unifying Story Idea:  “Sanity” — Kraft snacks can provide a moment of calm for overstressed moms. They become better moms in the process.

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