politics and culture — January 27, 2014 at 6:11 pm

We’ve All Been On This Conference Call


This brilliantly funny video, produced by Tripp & Tyler, has gone viral for good reason: we’ve all been there.

Better yet, it’s the perfect set-up for the marketing message that follows. By satirizing the day-to-day absurdities of business life, it lets the viewer know that Leadercast Live actually understands what business is all about.

Without this refreshing comic set-up, one might think the leadership event is just one more generic conference presenting you with yet another pushy sales pitch.  Instead, we’re emotionally disarmed, ready to consider a message that might have turned us off in another context.

Smarter storytelling, indeed.

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  1. David, thanks for sharing such a well produced and fun video! I like the hook but am not sure it is such a great introduction to the event. Yes, the conference call’s leader set himself up for failure, but I wonder if the situation and the analogy are not too narrow to really speak to the complexity that comes with such a vast topic.

    Please keep sharing such great finds!

  2. Ivan–I assume what you mean by “vast topic” is leadership itself. And yes, no intro could really address the complexity and nuance of that issue.

    My point is more emotional. As someone who who holds a healthy skepticism towards corporate communications of all sorts, and leadership/motivational events in particular, I found this intro video giving me the sense that Leadercast at least understands the world of business. That opened me up to receive a message that I might have been closed to otherwise. And at the very least, it raised my awareness of the brand. No easy task these days.

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